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ALNASSAR was born into a Christian family in Damascus in 1975. He comes from a family of artists, both his maternal uncles are famous sculptors. He graduated from the School of Fine Arts in Damascus and in 1999 he arrived in Italy to finish his studies at the Accademia di Carrara. He was never to return to Syria. Like many other sculptors before him, he chose the Apuan mountain as the ideal place to work and develop his artistic talent. His studio is at the foot of the same mountains in which the quarries used by Michelangelo, “le Cave di Michelangelo”, are located. A magical place, in the midst of an evocative landscape. It was here that AlNassar constructed an amphitheatre sculpted from marble where he organizes concerts, performances and other artistic events. He gives lessons in sculpture at his open air studio, which have a continuing success with students from around the world.

AlNassar is an eclectic artist, sculpting in wood, bronze and of course marble. His work reflects his experience as a migrant, coming from Syria to Europe, and bringing with him a world of stories and images. The constant theme of his work is that of the “encounter”: between people, societies and cultures.

Art and love are the means by which we overcome the barriers between individuals: physical barriers, such as geographical distance, as well as socio-cultural ones that obstruct a dialogue or relationship with others, with the Other. In his work Alnassar aims to overcome these barriers and to show that encounters need not be obstructed by difference.

The series entitled “Amore e Gravità “ (Love and Gravity) shows a man and a woman who manage to “encounter” each other despite being without “gravity”, and despite the fact that they are suspended in mid-air, and going in opposite directions.