√  Who normally comes to attend a marble sculpture course?
People who join us normally are:
- professional artists who want to try marble and develop their knowledge of marble techniques;
- people with different jobs and professions who have a common passion for art and  creativity.

√  How could a sculptor create such a form in a hard material?

Hardness losses against time and right tools.


√  It is necessary to have a clear idea about what to sculpt before coming?
Normally the teacher asks for a sketch or a simple model, so it is easier to find the right piece of marble.
It is also possible to see different shapes of marble pieces to have inspiration for a special form.
The instructor will be glad to give suggestion and advice.

√  Marble, is it always similar?
There are many types of “Carrara Marble”: Bianco, Statuario, Calacata, Ordinary Gray, all with different characteristics, colour and variations of veining.
Every single piece of marble is a unique exemplary just like a sculpture is unique.


√  Is it possible to make a sculpture in 10 days?
There are two different types of courses:
 - for beginners who want to try their hand at carving for the first time, learn how to choose a marble piece and use hand tools correctly.
 - advanced courses, for people who want to sharpen their own technical skills and workmanship in marble practising on machines.
In both cases a reasonable sized sculpture will be finished in 10 days.
For very large sculptures, two course may be required.



√  Is it possible to bring back home the sculpture that I make during the course?
Yes, the completed  piece will remain in the possession of the student after the sculpture course is finished.

 √  How many students attend each stone carving course?
From one to five.



√  Who is the teacher?
The courses in sculpture offer intensive and practical sessions under the tutelage of the sculptor ALNASSAR.
√  Why should I chose your sculpture courses?
To create a sculpture and to learn the art of marble carving, living a unique experience in Carrara, the marble capital of the world. You can combine your artistic holiday with the courses and visit the famous “Michelangelo Quarries”, the museums and sculpture workshops in Carrara, the Fine Arts Academy and the nice villages close to Carrara.

















√  Where is Carrara?
The province of Massa-Carrara is situated in the northern part of Tuscany, at the crossroads between marvellous tourist destinations like the “Cinque Terre” and the numerous Tuscan cities of Art.

√  Where do the marble carving courses take place?
The courses take place at the atelier of sculptor ALNASSAR situated in the heart of Carrara marble quarries.